We're revolutionizing the way the world shops.

We're revolutionizing the way the world shops.

We're revolutionizing the way the world shops.

Revolutionizing in-store shopping for retailers and shoppers alike means the challenges we face at Standard are anything but simple.

As people, we see an unprecedented opportunity to transform a fundamental part of daily living. As a company, we are at the beginning stages of growing our team with the same inclusive mindset we build our technologies. Our product is better when it solves for everyone, and our company is better when we represent the diverse world we seek to serve.

“This is one of the more caring, compassionate, and connected workplaces I’ve been a part of—there’s a real sense of belonging here.”

Jen Aubrecht

QA Operations Lead

“We have a really good culture around reaching out to other teams to ask for support, which encourages lots of cross-team collaboration.”

Jeff Hsu

Director of Strategy and Operations

“This is very much a win together, lose together place. Everyone will drop what they’re doing to help another team.”

Elizabeth Mashal

Senior Software Engineer

Head of Talent & DEI

The Standard Way

As a company, we have high standards of ethics and inclusion, and we take our values seriously. Whether thinking about our product, refining our communication, or defining our future, we lean on our values to keep us on the right path.

We’re setting the new standard for the retail shopping experience. And because we’re paving the way, we must dare to think about product like no one else has before. Leave no stone unturned, challenge assumptions, and reach high. The end goal? Reclaim humanity’s most precious resource: time.

We exist to create opportunities for equity in retail. More than just purveyors of AI, we’re leveling the playing field so all retailers can compete across the global industry. Equity begins inside our company, with how we build our team and design our technology, and extends outward to the store owners and customers who enjoy our product. With every decision we make, we ask, “How will this be of service to our community?

To achieve a mission as ambitious as ours, we need all hands on deck. Every aspect of our work can be enhanced through collaboration—both within and across teams. We seek to create a safe environment where every voice is heard and valued. While we passionately advocate for what we think is best, we hold even our most precious ideas with a loose grip, letting them go when they don’t serve our organization and customers.

We strive to be more method than madness. We’re all for using proven processes when they enable us to innovate faster, but as leaders in a new industry, we often must improvise when we reach uncharted territory. As a future-focused company, we plan for our long-term vision instead of settling for quick fixes. Ultimately, our solutions are only as good as our customers say they are.

Hard conversations are essential to growth, and if we want to reach our goals quickly, we need to embrace them. It’s okay to disagree as long as it’s done with empathy: withhold judgment, listen to understand, and respond with kindness. Remember that everyone you interact with has a unique perspective to offer.

We can’t devise solutions if we don’t know there’s a problem. Beyond honesty, transparency means disclosing pertinent information, even if no one has asked for it. Before moving forward on a decision, we consider who it will affect and ask for their input. By being proactive, we bring issues to light before they have a chance to become full-blown problems.

Benefits that work for you- wherever you are.

We take care of you so you can focus on the work.

Work From (Almost) Anywhere

Our team currently works from three continents, and every employee receives a $750 stipend to support their home office needs.

Take Care of Yourself

Standard covers 100% of your Medical, Vision, Dental, and Life insurance.

Compensation that Adds Up

We offer competitive salaries with meaningful equity opportunities.

Time Off for What Matters

We go beyond the norm when it comes to company-wide holidays, giving everyone time off for important dates like Juneteenth.

Help us reclaim humanity's most precious resource: time.

Inclusion is more than an initiative.

At Standard, we’re working to build diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging into every aspect of how we operate. While we’re ahead of the game when it comes to creating equity programs for a company our size, we’re still early in our efforts to increase representation across our teams and at the leadership level. But when we say we care about this, we mean it.
Through partnerships with organizations like Jopwell, Lesbians Who Tech, Grace Hopper, AfroTech, Women Impact Tech, and 100 Black Men of the Bay Area, we’re putting resources behind building a company that better represents the diverse world we seek to serve.


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